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  • ABENI - Means “we asked for her, and behold, we got her”
  • ABIDEMI - Means “born during father’s absence” in Yoruba.
  • ABIMBOLA - Means “born wealthy” in Yoruba.
  • ABIODUN - Means “born on a festival” in Yoruba.
  • ABIOYE - Means “born into royalty”
  • ADEBOWALE - Means “my crown…

LOVE learning about my history!

“The kids’ bedtime is 8 o’clock and it has been a REALLY long day. So, at 7;53…

Me: Alright, after you drink your milk, you guys go ahead and get in the bed.

Lauren: *Immediately looks at the clock on the oven* No, Mommy. There’s only a 7 in the time, not an 8 and zeroes.”

— Facebook status ~ December 7, 2011

  • Me: *coming downstairs to put away laundry*
  • Lauren: *sitting on the couch watching TV*
  • Me: Hey, Lauren!
  • Lauren: *singing* Whoop! Whoop! Whoop! Whoop! Who let the momma out?!

Lauren’s First Day of Kindergarten - September 8, 2011

Lauren had a friend over to visit the week before school started. Now, Lauren was turning 5 at the end of the week and her friend is 8. Because of the age difference, you wouldn’t think that the two would get along so well but they are the best of friends.

The first couple of days were awesome! They engaged in little girl chit chat, we painted our nails, baked a cake and just had a grand ‘ole time. The friend would even read bedtime stories to Lauren. Right about Day 3, the novelty of having a friend over started to wear off for Miss Lauren. Even though overall they had a blast, every now and then, Lauren would say things like, “Fine, I’m not your friend anymore”, and tattling when things didn’t go her way. Lauren would also get really jealous since her friend was a little older and could help me out with the boys.

Well, on a little mini-excursion to the grocery store with 4 kids, yes 4, Lauren has one of her fits where she is being a little mean to her guest. I explain to her that the things she has been saying are not nice. I tell her that she wouldn’t like it if she went to visit a friend and was treated the way she is treating her company. The last thing I say to her is “No one wants to play with you when you act like that.” In the sweetest way possible, Markie says, “I do.”

Those two little words just melted my heart. Markie was listening to the lecture I was giving Lauren and was fully aware of her behavior. He knew Lauren wasn’t being nice. None of that mattered to him. All I could figure is that he knows Lauren is his sister and he didn’t want her to not have anyone to play with. How many of us exercise that kind of love, that kind of unconditional love? What difference in someone’s life would we make if we did? What difference would we make in our own?

  • Lauren: Daddy? Does Kalamazoo have a mall?
  • Mark: Um, no buddy. Just a mini-mall.
  • Lauren: Really? So where's the Mickey Mall?
  • Mark: No, not that kind of Minnie. A mini-mall is just a small mall.
  • Lauren: Well how does everybody fit?
  • Mark: *pretends he doesn't hear her and continues to drive*

Trying to cultivate a daddy/daughter bond, Lauren’s father takes her to get her first mani/pedi yesterday. Not just getting her nails polished, but the full on spa mani/pedi experience complete with the massage chair, the sloughing off of however many dead skin cells a 4 year old could possibly have, and the cute little flowers painted on at the end. Initially, Lauren is excited and enjoying the chit chat the nail tech is engaging her in. Right about the time Lauren’s cuticles are getting trimmed, she gets quiet. After a few moments of silence, Lauren very politely inquires about the whereabouts of the nail polish she picked out. The nail tech shows it to her and continues to work. Not yet satisfied, Lauren asks, “When are you going to polish my nails?” Instantly, the salon bursts into laughter at her impatience. All I could think was that in the mind of a 4 year old, all the extra little details are so not important, just polish my nails, please. Thanks!

  • “Lauren: Mommy, can we make a pie?
  • Me: We’ll see. Maybe peach cobbler?
  • Lauren: Yea, for my teacher’s face! Heehee!
  • Me: *blank stare as I think to myself she CANNOT be serious*”
  • — Facebook status January 28, 2011
“If Lauren ever asks you for some popcorn cookies, she’s referring to rice cakes.”

— Facebook status February 10, 2010 at 11:22 am

Lauren and I
March 2008

Lauren and I

March 2008

“Sola Vaught wonders why Lauren thought the toilet was a good place for her phone?!”

— Facebook status February 23, 2008 3:46p

My Munchkin, 5 days old

My Munchkin, 5 days old

September 2, 2006 via April 13, 2011

I knew, we all knew, from the very first day that there was something very special about this adorable little 8lb baby girl that had just emerged into the world. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, and quite honestly, to this day I still haven’t figured it  out, but THIS child has been and will be like none other. She will be a trailblazer, a force, a movement. You know how people stand around for days at a time waiting for the brand new baby to open their eyes? Well, Ms. Lauren Ann didn’t sleep AT ALL for at least the first 24 hours. When I tell you the child had her eyes open and was focusing within a few hours, please believe I’m not exaggerating. I have witnesses.

Four years into the game, and after months and months of Facebook statuses devoted to my firstborn and our journey through this thing called life, and constant pressure from friends and family to write a book, get her in commercials, take her to a modeling agency, etc., etc., etc., we arrive here. A whole entire blog devoted to my Munchkin, her -isms and what I’ve learned about life while trying to teach her.

Through this blog, I hope to share some of my Munchkin’s wisdom so that she can bless/inspire/stimulate/encourage/activate more than just the other 4 Vaughts in our household and who they encounter.

In Motherhood and Amazement

~Lauren’s Mom (Sola)